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  • 22 may 2018
    Плановые работы 27 мая
    В связи с плановыми работами 27.05.2018 с 09:00 до 12:30 (МСК) сервис будет недоступен. Просим провести неотложные расчеты заблаговременно и приносим ...
my.bancaintesa e-banking — is a simple, handy and secure way to do your banking online:
  • — explore your accounts and transactions;
  • — pay utilities;
  • — do transfers in RUR and foreign currency.

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  • — You must only use one-time-password to: log on to web-site; commit operations on web-site and commit operations in my.bancaintesa mobile apps.
  • — Beware of situations when you are requested to enter your one-time-password to any other program or tell it to anybody (including those who present themselves as bank staff).
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